In order to create a treatment & process best suited to you, it’s import to get a sense of your goals as we begin.

Prior to our first session I offer a free 30 minute consult over the phone or via video chat.

This is an opportunity for you to share where you are at, and how you came to seek support.

The consultation is also a chance to layout a framework for what your first session will look like,

what modalities you feel safe engaging in, and what your process may look like going forward.

Finally, it’s important to me that there is sense of safety and trust, as well as mutual feeling of alignment in our working together.

My office hours are 10:00-19:00 Monday-Thursday, 10:00-16:00 Friday.

Before & after hours, as well as Saturday appointments are available by prior arrangement. Closed on Sunday.

24-48 hour minimum notice is recommended to secure an appointment.

I work with men & women individually, as well as with couples.

TalkTouchBreath is LGBT friendly, and all are welcome.

Talk therapy, Breathwork & Bodywork

60 Min R 1200
75 Min R 1600
90 Min R 2000
120 Min R 2300
180 Min R 2400

Tantric Touch

60 Min R 1500
90 Min R 2100
120 Min R 2500
180 Min R 3600

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